Little Cayman Beach Resort

Trip Report courtesy of Thomas Collier

Travel Coordinator for Houston Underwater Photo Society (HUPS)

Little Cayman Beach Resort - Bloody Bay Wall at Little Cayman

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Houston Underwater Photo Society -- The Houston Underwater Photographic Society (HUPS) worked with Island Dreams Travel to arrange our Club's spring dive trip and I am happy to say that the entire event was a whopping success.

Little Cayman Beach Resort -- Our destination of choice this year was Little Cayman Beach Resort (LCBR) and it turn out to be an excellent opportunity. Our group included 15 divers and one non-diver. The divers were all avid underwater photographers who came loaded to the gills with u/w camera equipment in anticipation of one of the premier dive sites in the Caribbean: Little Cayman Island's famous Bloody Bay Wall.

Baggage Weight Restrictions -- The journey to Little Cayman is not entirely smooth and one must endure a little hardship along the way. In particular, the connecting flight from Grand Cayman to Little Cayman has some pretty restrictive baggage weight limits. The good news is they just charge you for the excess weight and do not prohibit it. The bad news is that your bags may not be on the same flight as you. Some of our group's luggage arrived mid-morning the next day. Remember, we were loaded with u/w camera equipment. Without the extra gear, or not with such a large group of photographers, we might have sailed right through.

Good Operation and Great Food -- Once we arrived at the Little Cayman Beach Resort it quickly became apparent that this was a well-oiled operation. Rooms were assigned, time allowed for unpacking our gear and then a dive shop briefing before a welcome banquet that evening. At this point, I must point out that the meals served at LCBR are beyond description. All meals are served buffet style and the quality and quantity is astounding. Full course breakfasts, fairly light lunch (thank goodness) and an extraordinary dinner with multiple choices of meats, fish, soups, salads, pasta, vegetables and desserts. Whatever you hear about the unbelievably good food served at LCBR, believe it.

Copyright Paul McDonald, shot in Little Cayman Reef Divers -- The dive operation at LCBR is run by Reef Divers and here again you quickly realize that they have done this a time or two before. The staff was cordial and respectful of our needs and gear; everything went smoothly. Fifteen divers, all with extensive and expensive camera equipment, must be a boat captain's nightmare. But our boat crew did everything they could to accommodate our needs. The boat was large enough for at least 20 passengers but they limited the number to just our group and took us to the sites that we requested.

Experienced Divers -- The dive briefings were thorough and one of the dive masters was always in the water with us to show us the sights and point out the good stuff if we wanted to join the tour. Otherwise, just be back at the boat with your buddy at the allotted time. Once it became apparent that our group consisted of experienced divers, the boat dive master pretty much let us do our thing without restriction with the exception of strict enforcement of the buddy system rule.

Bloody Bay Wall -- Bloody Bay Wall is an awesome dive location with many dive sites. The water was crystal clear with very little current - a perfect location for underwater photography. The corals were in good shape with plenty of the usual tropical fish. No large marine life to speak of with the exception of turtles, rays and the resident groupers (who are extremely friendly). A couple of reef sharks were spotted and an eagle ray was also seen several times. Sailfin blennies, jawfish (many with eggs), lobsters, sting rays and turtles were seen and photographed on most dives.

A Great Dive Trip -- All in all, we had a great trip. We enjoyed comfortable rooms in a pleasant resort, crystal clear waters featuring great wall diving, swim throughs, brilliant white sand, a great wreck dive, turtles, sting rays, jawfish with eggs, and a good dive operation with a courteous staff; and did I mention that the food was fantastic!

Island Dreams Travel -- Thank you Tina and Island Dreams for helping us organize this trip. We took a zillion photographs and will we be enjoying them for a long time.

Tom Collier -- HUPS Trip Coordinator

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Little Cayman Beach Resort

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