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Kids Sea Camp 2006

SASSY -- for children 4 - 7 years of age
SEAL TEAM -- children 8 - 10 years of age
NEW TEEN PROGRAM -- for kids aged 10 and above

Kids Sea Camp is a fun-filled vacation for families who love the ocean and the wonderful creatures within. It is now available in your choice of four destinations, with more on the way! A full week's schedule of tours, events and educational programs promises great times and learning experiences for all ages. Encounters with dolphins. Snorkel and SASY training. PADI Seal training and Junior Open Water diving for the older kids. And lots of guilt-free recreation time just for Mom and Dad. Learning has never been such a splash!

At Kids Sea Camp, kids learn to swim, snorkel and try scuba. They learn all about fish identification and reef identification and ways to save our oceans and our reefs. In a friendly, safe atmosphere, they lose their fears, develop confidence and fall in love with the ocean. While the kids are in camp, Mom and Dad have the opportunity to enjoy their love for the underwater world. Together, at the end of each day, the family shares in all they have experienced and learned.

Meeting all the educational standards, Kids Sea Camp has been picked by PADI Diving Society, the seal Team, Jr. Certification and SASY. The program is now being expanded to 2 full months and multiple destinations around the world.

Kids Sea Camp Logo

Contact Island Dreams Travel for availability, pricing, and further details.

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